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Procrastination, thou art my middle name!

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Mmmmm, so……sitting here staring at my screen, trying to make a start on an essay. I finally found the “right” topic yesterday and have done some preliminary research, watched a few news clips and made some notes, including copying some references onto a clean page. This is the closest to an essay deadline I have left it to start one of these since I returned to uni last year. My mind is all over the place, I do seem to have a lot on my plate at present. Only just got the work and our company invoices out last week, a bit late, but I got there in the end. I just finished paying our company, family trust, racehorse syndicate and personal bills online, and am just hoping that our grazing clients all pay their bills on time, as for the first time in a long while, we are nudged right up to that damn overdraft limit on the company bank account, and without these paid, we will be short. (The grating sound of nails being chewed.) Small moment of angst while I do the maths. My son has his school ball next weekend, and we still haven’t organised his suit, etc. We were going to do that today, I messaged his gorgeous friend who is his date to ask her last night about colour matches, etc, as G said she didn’t care, but it seems she might more than he let on as she sent me a pic of her dress, so lovely (boys – lucky I am a girl and “knew” I should check!) but he decided to prioritise some school work that is due in this week. He will drive over to my uni city and meet me after lectures tomorrow, and we will rush around and try to sort it out in about an hour and a half ;-). His little sister has been asked to work the catering crew for the same event, apparently a bit of an honour for a junior student to be asked, so I have to ensure she has everything sorted for the dress code for that, also. My friend’s life celebration ceremony is on Friday, and I expect it will turn into a full day and night affair as we party to remember her – the dress code is bright and colourful, bring all your good memories to share, and I am a girl who loves me some colour, but stressing about what to wear, even though I have a wardrobe full of suitably bright attire and baubles aplenty. I am supposed to go to a musical theatre production that night with my boss (but I am re-thinking that, as I think the wake will go on into the night now.) I have a 20% test on Tuesday for a paper I have kind of “gone off” in the last few weeks, and haven’t even opened my lecture notes yet – procrastination is not being my friend this weekend! What do I do, but start to look online to see if there are any distractions, of course. 

This is not a rare clash of the priorities, as any mother knows, but boy, I wish I could get enthused about any of it! Such is the way of my (non)-brain since he cheated. That off switch sure is a long time in development.


One thought on “Procrastination, thou art my middle name!

  1. I got tired just reading about your busy week! And I LOL about your son and the school ball! Boys! They’re all the same, aren’t they?
    My sons friends are all having graduations and proms this weekend…and he was outside, helping build a chicken coop and slaughtered a duck for dinner, LOL!
    I do find that I procrastinate also….my garden hasn’t even been started yet…I cheated and went to the organic store and bought tomato plants, whereas I usually start everything from seed….it’s been this way for two years now…just can’t seem to get myself motivated…sigh…

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