Tearing at the Fabric

Of the space-time continuum

Time Out. On Tour.


Apologies for the interruption to normal transmission. It is the semester end and I am on study leave. I am in our capital as eldest daughter has just moved here. We drove down yesterday and I am taking the opportunity for some me time. Today I will hop on a plane to cross the water south to visit one of my oldest mates. Grant and I grew up together, his mum and mine were besties and we were, too. He took a gap year after high school then came to the far south to uni where I was. We even flatted together. I can’t wait to see him. It’s been a couple of years and he refuses to use online social networks, so it’s old school, we really haven’t seen each other in several years! Grant and Rog immediately clicked when they met 26 years ago and when Grant and his wife, Kaz went farming a long time ago, Rog and him caught up a lot to share information and chew the fat. They left the area about 12 years ago and live on a-whole-‘nother island. Grant couldn’t believe what Rog did. He thought (like me and everyone else) that we were the best, happiest, most suited couple in the world. It shattered him that his friend could hurt his other friend with such devastating consequences. Grant was cheated on. He gets the agony. He was so very sad and disgusted, but supportive of us both. I am so looking forward to seeing him, but nervous about what he will ask me. I don’t talk about this stuff anymore. It’s been five long, terribly grief-stricken years.

But I know he will want to know if I’m okay.

And I never really will be again.

I won’t tell him that.

I hope!


3 thoughts on “Time Out. On Tour.

  1. Grant seems like a kindred spirit. Enjoy your time away and recharge. Seems life will be busy this winter! Is Grant still with his wife?

  2. Grant is indeed with his wife. It was his previous fiance who cheated. With his best mate. They married. I know them. The best mate has now cheated on Grant’s ex – for three years – this is after 20 years and 3 kids. But she hasn’t told her husband she knows he has been cheating! Long, contorted story. She feels deeply guilty for what she did to Grant and I think that guilt has her trapped and badly stuck. We are actually friends and I am one of only two people she has told. She is deeply miserable but refuses to discuss it with her H. I am pretty damn sad a lot, but she takes the cake. Is an awesome mum and is scared of what might happen if he knows she knows! Crazy. You can’t make this shit up!

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