Tearing at the Fabric

Of the space-time continuum

Girl interrupted…again


Yep, I’m back, but snowed under. Freaking out. Panicking. Losing the plot. Well, nearly. I have a final 30% essay to hand in on Monday and I started it a few weeks ago, thinking I was going fine, then ran out of research material – I chose my topic BADLY. So I talked to my lecturer and she suggested I can it and start again on something else, as yes, she confirmed that maybe I had chosen badly for a second year paper (that’ll learn me for tryin’ to be so alternative and tryin’ to do something different to everyone else!) I only have a week, with work slotted into that, and thought I had started okay, but this topic is worse, it has too much info, and I am confused as so much of the research contradicts itself!  AAAAARGHHH! Taking a break, breathing. Booked an early morning appointment with Student Learning tomorrow, the last slot they have before exams next week (which I haven’t started swotting for either, aaaargh again) to try to sort this crap out, what a disaster of a mess of a complete balls up of an essay. I. Am. Not. Enjoying. This. So much other emotional crap going on underneath these deadlines, and I know this is affecting my ability to work well and consistently to solve the problem. When I am through exams late next week I will update you all on the very interesting mundane workings of this particular madwoman’s brain through my trip away.


4 thoughts on “Girl interrupted…again

  1. Good luck! You will get it done! You will You will!

  2. You are a woman, you are a wife and most importantly, you are a mother and because of that you will get done all that needs to be done. Just remember to breathe every once in a while 🙂

  3. What’s the worst thing that can happen IF you don’t get a good grade on this paper? Nothing worse than what you’ve already dealt with…so just breathe, do what you can….then let it go!!
    You’re so strong, Paula…you push yourself to keep going on….and on….and on….because you don’t quit!!
    Get a glass of wine…or maybe two, lol, and let yourself relax!
    We are here for you…

  4. Thanks my friends! I know, I know, just letting off steam…. Went to Student Learning this morning, and the library, and am back on track, I knew I would get there (mmm, not quite yet, but I know I will) but I do get the odd panic when I am behind schedule, and the first draft is looking pretty wobbly. I live an hour away from the uni, so was a long round trip – better get back to it xxx (PS, I LOVE Student Learning – don’t think we had such great support when I was a 17 year old uni student – most likely I just never asked, lol – they make you feel so clever, even when you’re struggling with something, they calm you down better than a swig of rescue rememdy, turn you around and point you in the right direction with a pat on the head and some plans and corrections. So blessed.)

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