Tearing at the Fabric

Of the space-time continuum

Dysthymia, continued. (No pun intended!)


Well, strangely WordPress decided that there were enough comments on that last post. Quite right, WordPress! Someone let me know that they could no longer add anything, and I had a play around, and the only way I could get to comments was by clicking on one that had already been made in the sidebar.  

The thing I understand about dysthymia is that you are completely functional, it is mild depression, but it is incessant, unrelenting, without any breaks, you never feel okay sometimes, it is constant bleakness. That is what caught my attention, this blahness. Worse than blah, but not really anything you feel you can, or should, complain about.  (Of course, I do nothing but complain on this forum, ahem!)

I don’t know, it is self diagnosed, and I really should talk to a professional, I guess.  But I have talked to so bloody many, I am shrinked out. I suppose I should put up or shut up, maybe I will one day. At the moment I am in hunker down mode, just head down, get this damn undergraduate degree out of the way, keep going to work, get these last two kids launched. I can do this, I do this every day.

Apologies for the disappearance of the comments function, I’m sure you were gutted ;-)!!!


2 thoughts on “Dysthymia, continued. (No pun intended!)

  1. Well, I WAS wondering about no comments. Thought maybe you were tired of hearing from us! 😉 LOL
    Paula, please don’t stop searching for answers…Life is meant to be lived joyfully…and you are such a wonderful person, a GREAT mom, and an AWESOME friend for this here champion whiner! 😀
    I’m a firm believer in always going after what you want…and you want happiness! So keep searching…keep one foot in front of another, get that degree finished, get those kids raised, but take care of YOU, first and foremost!!
    Love you! xoxoxo

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