Tearing at the Fabric

Of the space-time continuum

Royal visit


Urgh!  Dad visit pending.  I have managed to keep him at arms’ length for quite some time, but he is “in the neighbourhood” at present, and just called to tell me he will be visiting this afternoon, on the way to take his oldest sister home from their excursion to visit another of his sisters about an hour away from me.  These ladies are all in their 80s now, and extremely old school.  They are innocuous and it would be rude not to, but, urgh!  I made banana, mascarpone and caramel cupcakes iced with cream cheese icing last night, so at least will look like I have it together.

Wish me luck!


11 thoughts on “Royal visit

  1. Cheers Nephila! Aunty Marg was a good foil. For once he was not too soul destroying. #isurvived!

  2. So glad it went well!

  3. A good foil is just what you need. Glad it went well! Your comment isn’t showing up in the app by the way, weird. The app is quite often weird. Sorry to miss your reply.

  4. Thanks for letting me know, yep, the app does weird shit! It seems to be showing on my phone, but sorry it didn’t on yours, I always really appreciate your comments, Nephila x.

  5. Those cupcakes would have won me over! LOL So glad it went well….a couple of 80 yr olds could be quite fun!! 😀
    Happy your dad behaved!

    • Ha! I have done so little baking in recent years, lonely. Pure coincidence that a few overripe bananas inspired me to do more than a straight out banana cake or bread! Gave me something to do while 85 year old aunt and her little bro (dad) were here. He doesn’t do his droopy-woe-is-me bit around his big sisters. I’m the one that gets that special treatment 😉 ! Thank goodness for elderly aunts!

  6. Yummmmm!!!! Glad the visit went well, but with goodies like that, it had to really 🙂

  7. Luck luck luck! And please send some cupcakes my way 🙂

  8. Was great that he had elderly aunt with him and he arrived not long before darkness descended, PW and Katie! Meant they stayed for a cuppa, cupcake and quick chat then outta here. Had to get Aunty home. Phew!!!

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