Tearing at the Fabric

Of the space-time continuum

Getting off the treadmill – metaphorically, at least.

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Weeeeellll, this semester break without work every day is pretty weird! I actually have time. Yes, time. I have baked, cleaned and taken my own children to the orthodontist half an hour away from home, but also half an hour from their school, which is half an hour away from our home – ie, a giant two hour triangle that I normally have to add my three quarter hour trip one way to work to, ie another hour and a half, and organising the time off – without having to RUSH.  My life has been rush, rush, rush for so many years, and every appointment has been a gigantic rigmarole, a highly structured military manoeuvre. So I am basking in front of the fire with an hour to spare! 

An hour!

A whole sixty minutes!

And I have been for a sweaty-unfit-feel-bad-for-letting-my-fitness-slip run (ON the treadmill, lol) have dinner sorted and the house is clean.  WTF???

So I make myself sit here and count some blessings, think about the ways I am grateful for the good parts of who I am today.

  • I don’t have to look for another job today.
  • I have answered some work emails as I sit sipping on a delicious cup of Darjeeling tea with organic, raw milk.
  • I browsed briefly in my favourite foodie haven in the town the orthodontist was visiting, and picked up some goodies, that I can afford, due to Roger selling some wool he was sitting on waiting for better prices, so another blessing, we had OPTIONS when money got a little tight for a while there, because despite everything, he does think of these things, he has been a really good businessman, and a kind and caring farmer over these years, is a good guy – except for the parts where he was a lying cheating scumbag. Whoops, this is my POSITIVE list, Paula!
  • The sun is trying to peep through, a watery version of it, in mid-winter, but the kind I love, when you have time to lie for a few minutes and just soak up the vitamin D-laden warmth and goodness.
  • My kids are happy enough, and healthy. I had a great chat with the two off to the orthodontist this morning, and had confirmed that I am not doing too bad a job with these humans I was gifted to guide. They really are interesting, thoughtful, thought provoking individuals, and I love them to bits, and am proud of who they are becoming. (Mostly!) They are making decisions about who they want to be, and why they are choosing these qualities and these paths.
  • And it is quiet. So calm here as the fire crackles gently, and the clock ticks rhythmically, the quiet is soaking into my bones. 

So I’d better get off the interwebs and just relax, and try to clear my negative thoughts that keep trying to intrude. Because they will be home from school soon, and the rush will begin again, hockey night tonight!

Happy hump day, mine is – kinda 😉


One thought on “Getting off the treadmill – metaphorically, at least.

  1. You deserve a happy day. Glad you enjoyed it!

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