Tearing at the Fabric

Of the space-time continuum

A baby photo. Or three.


Tempted asked me to post pics of my animal babies. I have been so flat out, I have forgotten to take my phone so I can get any shots, and Lambie is going to a new home this morning. An old friend messaged me desperately last night, her little girl has been patiently waiting for a calf club lamb, and it has been such a mild winter, not so many deaths of ewes (thankfully) around the district. We are a dairying and thoroughbred district, not a sheep one, so us weirdos out on the hills are her last resort. I told her Lambie has not had the special care and attention that a coveted calf club lamb usually does, but her daughter is undeterred. She was vaccinated yesterday – will go to her new home with instructions about her milk bloat – and to keep an eye on her, it took her a good week to overcome that, and only just now on “normal” rations, so she is looking a little unloved and scruffy in my extreme closeup of her face trying to escape the stable I have popped her in to wait for her new mummy.


Anyway – very bad photos of the team: Lambie, Louis and Lashes. BIG apologies for the (lack of) quality. Just a glimpse into my morning.


2014-09-02 09.07.41Louis20140902_084338


6 thoughts on “A baby photo. Or three.

  1. WOW… they all look beautiful!

  2. Yay! Good luck to Lambie! Adorable shots. Thank you, Paula! Xxoo

  3. Oh my gosh, they’re darling!

  4. Animals have helped me hold onto what little sanity I have left. I’m a farm girl (I love to scrub up and have a night in the city, too, as I do love a bit of culture!) and the animals, and this property and lifestyle have been an anchor. Part of the reason I haven’t physically left yet is that I am DAMNED if I am walking away from all I worked so hard for all those years! Bugger that whore, she can’t force me off the property and way of living that feeds my soul!

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