Tearing at the Fabric

Of the space-time continuum

Funny. Until shit gets real. (Still funny, even then.)


Read this on my old High School English teacher’s Facebook page (okay, okay, now my cover has been totally blown, I must have been a total geek for my old teacher to have friended me on Facebook – damn!)

I showed TOIL (now my cover is TOTALLY fucked – we went to the same school – SWEAR I didn’t know him. or know that until we met years later) who knew this teacher – he chuckled and nodded. Because it is SO true.



16 thoughts on “Funny. Until shit gets real. (Still funny, even then.)

  1. link is nae working sassenach

    lol wtf.

    • got it!
      heh, ya know why i hate it!?
      because im in one of those boxes, and hes always preferred to be in his nothing box… everything is in another unrelated untouching box… it makes no sense to me, nope.

      • 😦 So sorry bam. It sure doesn’t make any sense. On the bright side, at least you know this now, that he was too stupid to leave the nothing box and get the bam box out and hang with you. You and your boys have a new life, and the direction that takes will sort itself in due time without his drag on your life being so heavy.

      • awww smacks! i mean sanks! :/ lol!

    • I know, right? Still can’t work out why the designer of humans got this SOOO wrong! I thought it nailed the main difference between women and men – and why it seems that women are often FAR more damaged in the aftermath of infidelity than men, who whilst no doubt very hurt (and ego seriously bruised – I do not wish to belittle any poor hurting man out there, their pain is as real as anyone’s I am sure) seem to be able to put even the cheating by their wife/partner into one of their boxes and rarely pull it out after some time. This is a skill I have not acquired. It never goes in any box, instead it is spread throughout the house, like Lego pieces – and I continually stand on them!

  2. Is that why when I ask him what he’s thinking about and he says “nothing” he really is thinking about nothing? Well, I’ll be damned!!! LOL 😆

    • I know, PW! Whodathunkit? Crazy owners of dicks and balls – they are beyond my comprehension – and used to think I thought like a man, and all my best mates were men. Nothing indeed.

  3. I think PA Mans entire brain is filled with empty boxes….I’m pretty darn sure!!

    • Yep. I think there seems to be a lot of guys with very empty boxes out there, lonely. I know that Rog has a lot of boxes full of all kinds of crap. Farm, animals, machinery, feed budgets, crop management, weed management, clients, business/finance, future plans, friends, horses, racing form, right at the back there I can see a small group of boxes that contains various kids, I guess I have always been there, but was the bashed up box that he kept coming back to when he got bored with playing with the box that Leanne inserted oh-so-slyly one day on the shelf – front and centre. His nothing box/es is/are pretty fun to visit to get a reprieve. He even described it in a similar way to me once – that he saw what he was doing with Leanne as completely separate, even though we did all overlap – he was able to keep the Leanne he was fucking in one box, and the Leanne who was supposed to be our friend in a completely different one. I could never understand how he was so relaxed, and didn’t seem at all stressed that we all hung out together at the lake, etc. You see, the boxes never touched, so it wasn’t a problem.

  4. Boxes – that’s a lot like the term compartmentalize. And yes, Daniel does do that, too. He once told me that it was like two separate lives. He was in a relationship with her during the week when he was away in a different city for work. When he came home on the weekends, he was married to me. Doesn’t make it any more right or even any more palatable for me, but that’s what he said.

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