Tearing at the Fabric

Of the space-time continuum

Driver, driver


Two down, one to go.

Middle child just passed his full licence, the first time he has passed a driving test on his first attempt in this process. Poor dude, took three goes at his learners’ and four at his restricted! Was tres frustrating. And tres expensive! For both of us. (His sister passed all three on first attempts, and he assumed he would also.) He is always supremely confident in his own abilities – as 17 year old guys can be.

Woop, woop!

Yes, that is an actual photo of him. Handsome guy. I know. Takes after his mother.


The freedom for me that this represents is huge. Means he can now drive his little sister about and I am not longer as tied to taxi driving every day.



8 thoughts on “Driver, driver

  1. Yay! That makes life so much less stressful. Enjoy this time when they can do things on their own, but still live with you. I miss those days –

  2. Driving is such fun and so useful, I don’t know how I did without it so long (well, living in the CBD but you KWIM). Now I am shaking in my boots at the thought of my 8 year old growing up and driving. What is it with men feeling invincible? And when do they grow out of it??

    • Yeah, Neph, he’s been driving alone for more than a year, but he wasn’t allowed passengers, or driving at night until now. Driving is an essential ticket to a life when you live rurally. We are 10km from the bus stop, and 33km from school, 50km from my work and 70km from uni. Driving is essential. But being able to drive with his sister will help my workload a lot 🙂 He is picking up two kids on his way to school in the morning, to celebrate, and probably to show off that he got his full before them, lol. His sister is no tell tale, but I have quietly asked her to report if he does anything boy-racerish. He and I have a deal about that, if he is seen being an idiot he loses his car for a fortnight – even if it means I have to drive him places. He’s not TOO bad behind the wheel – for a teenage boy.

      The first time I got in the passenger seat with my now almost-22-year-old was surreal, and quite scary, I’m sure all parents feel the same. One minute you are buckling them into care seats and booster seats, and the next, the universe turns on its head and your baby is going to drive a death trap – with you in it, having to remain very positive and calm 😉

  3. Your son is indeed a handsome dude!! Congrats to him on getting his full license and to you on getting some much needed time freed up!!

    • 😉 Yup, he is, PW. I’m glad you think so too!

      He is off for the long weekend – it’s Labour Weekend here – down in Napier, in the beautiful Hawkes Bay, playing soccer in the National Under 19 Clubs Tournament. I feel bad sitting here typing out a stupid essay instead of being down there supporting him. But I have pushed right up hard on some final deadlines, and really need to get these bastards knocked off – full credit there to Sir Ed. I’ve asked him to keep in touch, as I am feeling a lot of mother’s guilt.

  4. I don’t know what it is about boys, but teaching them to drive has also been my job. I took it very seriously. Oldest is a good, cautious, drives like an old man kind of driver. The younger one is friggin Speed Racer, music lover, smoking little shit! Scares me to no end.

    Glad you have another driver in the household to help with the youngest’s transportation needs.

    • Hi tempted, yes, I have taught both of my drivers, and the youngest has had a few goes ’round the paddocks and tracks on farm in my little manual diesel beastie. She can sit her Learner’s straight after exams, late November, then she will be on the road, too – albeit with Mum in the passenger seat. Although it was a little unsettling getting into that seat with the eldest at first, I like the bonding time and the time to breathe and “be calm and focused” with them when they start driving. Funnily enough, my eldest daughter is the least cautious driver, but the MOST cautious person. She has her car parked up in our driveway now though, as she is living in an inner city flat with no free parking. She is thinking of moving in the New Year, and thinks she might get “Forrest” (her car) down there then. I think my son is a bit of a show off in the car when he thinks I won’t know – but small towns and all, I have heard he has those moments, as young guys do! Mostly I believe he is a reasonable driver, after all the car is his own, and the biggest purchase he ever saved for and made, so wants it to last :-).

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