Tearing at the Fabric

Of the space-time continuum



(That was my head exploding.)

Bloody hell. Sorry guys, I got the other marked essay back today.

A+. 100%.

I think I am living in a parallel universe. One where the lecturers are all on some SERIOUS hallucinogens.

Once again, I am oversharing about it here. Because there is no one else.

His comments, “extraordinary. An outstanding piece of work. You have gone way beyond the bounds of this course while remaining true to its core ideas. This is exceptional creative and original scholarship.”

I am beaming like the proverbial cat that got the cream


17 thoughts on “BOOM!!!

  1. Congratulations! When a lecturer takes time to comment it means your paper is pure gold

    • Thanks Let go, they usually write screeds of comments, you need the feedback. What I wrote here was the entire comment by this Ass Prof. Last year, one lecturer (my favourite, for another paper) wrote me three pages after one very exposing piece I wrote. Mostly praise and support. Back to this paper though, he was very to the point, and I appreciate all the time that markers put into absorbing what you write, and making suggestions, etc. When I handed it in, I was VERY worried I had not answered the question sufficiently, however, as you can see from his feedback, apparently I had gone beyond what he was after for an undergrad paper 🙂

      I feel like the world’s most arrogant person posting about it here, but it has to come out of me somewhere, lol.

  2. Awesome!

  3. You see? You were meant to research and write. Ever think about being an author?

  4. Oh yay! That’s fabulous and so well-deserved! Go girl!

  5. Would you be where you are now if all of the horribleness hadn’t happened?

    • No, togetherabandoned. I think of that often. I had always planned on returning to uni but felt guilty about spending that money on myself. Roger has been exceptional about me doing so (but I would have done it anyway – his approval was NOT a factor!) I may not have done this until my youngest left home. She is Year 12, so eighteen months to go, and I will be graduated by the end of this year, so I have taken a short cut, and I think that is all down to me doing what I want now instead of what everyone else needs first. That said, I hate my life now. I just keep pushing myself to try to move from the ‘staticness’ of doing the same ole, same ole and hoping for healing anyway.

      Do you think I should send OW a copy of a photo of me with Degree in hand after capping, with a giant THANK YOU CUNT inscribed on it?! (Sorry, I rarely use that word, but that person has earned every letter of it, lol.)

  6. If I could twerk in happiness for you – I would do it. YOU.FRGGIN.ROCK!!!

  7. You are not going to believe how much getting a job away from Roger, and away from your farm, is going to validate you. Your coworkers, and friends you make away from him, will give you so much that you were not even asking for. My husband did not cheat but he had a horrible midlife crisis, told me he did not love me anymore and we agreed I would finish my education and then we would separate. Sometime during that he changed his mind. We have never talked about it we just got on with things. The difference is I got a job away from him. I made wonderful friends who still are dear to me and my job gave me such a wonderful sense of self that I have learned to stand up for myself and not to take anything from anybody. I don’t have a chip on my shoulder but I do have a spine. Getting a job making my own money and not having to answer to him has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. We are still married but it is different because I am different. Keep on going. One day you will wake up and realize that you are so unique he was a fool to lose you………but you won’t care.

    • I have had a job separate to our business for more than seven years. I am very independent, and even when working alongside him for seventeen years I was strong-willed, Let go. I have always had a very strong spine and have never been defined by him. I loved my job but was extremely challenged by it for those first two-three years. It has become a means to an end now. A way of helping pay for mine and my children’s education. I have ALWAYS stood up for myself. This is part of my fury at him excluding me and treating me like an appendage who would trail after him no matter what. He knows what an utter fool he was. He knew it when he was in his affair. He kept wondering what the hell he was doing with a sexless, vacuous, money-hungry moron when he had exciting, intelligent, sexy me. It was what eventually made him sack her, it took a lot of manoeuvring to unclench her claws from him. I also know what a fool he was. I am mighty. (But still heartbroken and severely damaged.)

  8. Well done Paula, you’re a rockstar!!

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