Tearing at the Fabric

Of the space-time continuum

Comments. And other stupid things.


Hmm, just doing the usual procrastination from writing essays. And lo and behold, where do I end up, but on good old Facebook. Yep. How original.

As I was browsing, doing the odd bit of stalking friends of friends (come on, you know you do it) I came across this gem. A comment on a well written post about a woman about to marry someone who has a known mental health condition, which he is receiving treatment for. It was a lovely post.

A person then commented this, “one thing I can’t understand is people leaving their marriages after 20 years or more. ..another beautiful piece of writing.”

Ooooohkay. Wait. What?

Where has this (by the looks of her profile picture) middle aged woman been hiding from the world? I mean, seriously? I had grandparents, who were married close to forty years by the time I was born, who HATED each other! They should have divorced, but I guess back in the day – hell, sometimes today too – it was not particularly acceptable, and women especially were very economically disadvantaged by divorce. But even today, we see miserable older couples everywhere. And we see those who call, “ENOUGH. I’m outta here!” Add in a bit of casual cheating (or not-so-casual) and yeah, fuck yeah, I am not putting up with any more of that shit. We know how hard it is to get through the pain and frustration of infidelity. To name just one possible cause of “leaving your marriage after 20 years or more.”  Sheesh!

And then there’s this. Those idiots who think they are still young and beautiful (if they in fact ever were!) or alternatively, old and rich enough to ‘buy’ someone who still is.

That is what is gross.

So is stupid.

Stupid is gross.


7 thoughts on “Comments. And other stupid things.

    • You mean three essays, MR. Got one and a half knocked off!

      • Well done! Keep going 🙂 what’s the topic?

      • Oh Lord, you don’t want to know, MR. Is a take home test, choose three from six topics, so short essays, just 800-1000 words each. Anthropology, the paper title is Culture and Power in the Pacific. The first one was on male hypermasculinities as a result of colonialism in Hawai’i and Aotearoa, and the second is on surfing as a form of resistance in Hawai’i. The third will likely be how tradition can be a form of domination in the Pacific – probably concentrating on PNG and Fiji, specifically, still deciding properly! I hope you are inspired by that (I’m not!)

  1. Proof that there are a lot of stupid people breeding, creating even more stupid offspring lol.

  2. I love that photo. I want to grow old with someone who loves me and isn’t looking at the young women walking past in their short shorts and bikini tops. Or at least if he’s looking which I guess is human, he isn’t thinking about bedding them. After all I look at young guys sometimes, I appreciate a beautiful body, but I don’t want to sleep with them.

    And I LOVE the sound of your essay. PNG is very interesting. My sister lives there. My view of traditional culture would be that colonialism has created the power imbalance in masculine/feminine relations in traditional cultures. The spread of western ideology has created a vacuum in traditional cultures in respect to gender roles. And gender roles are VERY important in traditional cultures particularly where it is a survival hunter gatherer culture.

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