Tearing at the Fabric

Of the space-time continuum

Yeah, right


One of my oldest friends, from the old life, sent me the links to the whole Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt SAG Awards thing.

Saying – I kid you not – “this is you and Norm. He loved you so much. I can totally see this happening with you guys one day.”

Aw. Hell. No!

You don’t get to fuck around, break a good woman’s heart, and then, when it all goes pear shaped with the home wrecker, have your friends cheer him on when he comes back around. Hey, it sounds cute and all.

But no.

And then, our other friend did this.

Well, the small town gossip train is on…

She drove over to BG’s town yesterday with an old friend, Suzie, who is a family friend of Roger’s family.

Took her into the club – early on a beautiful sunny Tuesday, WTF – to check BG out! Jeepers. Like an animal in a cage, peered at. Ugh.

I got a Snapchat video of Suzie – an older woman – from J, nodding lasciviously, and telling me loudly that she approves, “very good looking man, Paula. Impressed. He’s a keeper right there.”

BG had no idea. Neither did I! No wonder we kept our whole relationship (as such) on the DL for so long! I’m trying to see it as ‘supportive.’

When in reality, it feels very stalkerish and kind of judgemental.

2 thoughts on “Yeah, right

  1. The old friend with the Brad and Jen pic is a bit clueless. Oy. Even if Hell actually froze over you would only have to remember your cancer treatments and that should put an end to any feelz.

    I feel for Jennifer Anniston in that the media clearly wants a “happy ending” … for the public… at her expense. It’s great that she can be civil with him, this man she once described as having an “ emotional chip missing”. I think that was after he bailed on their marriage and was photographed playing dad with Angelina’s brood on a magazine cover. If you saw rolling video of the moments these photos are captured from, she blew by him with little more than a smile and a kind but fleeting touch. She kept moving past him, as she probably should.

    • Yes. I did see it.

      And the bullshit lingering video of Brad smiling, watching her speech. I know it’s all the whole celeb/public thing. The happy ending to the fairytale. It’s not real. And I also thought of that comment she once made about missing emotional chips! I would have told the old friend. But what’s the point? She is from my old life, and still talks about how we were her “couple goals” like we’re all a bunch of teenagers. She didn’t live my life. She didn’t see me fighting cancer, having surgery and radiation treatment, or him knock me unconscious because I pulled him up on bringing his latest whore into my house to fuck.

      Couple goals indeed.

      All such bullshit, BA XXX

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