Tearing at the Fabric

Of the space-time continuum

Seeping sadness

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Couple friends of ours have separated. Kenny and Sarah.

I feel utterly gutted.

The loveliest people. They’ve been through a bit. He has an inoperable brain tumour. Been living with it for a very long time. Otherwise very, very healthy and fit.

I recall going on a girls’ trip that included his gorgeous wife, Sarah. They had a place in the beach town I am currently locked down in. We stayed there.

This was long before I knew Rog was a cheater.

There was a conversation one night about cheating. Kind of in the context of one night stands versus hookers versus longer term affairs. Most of the women that night seemed to lean towards a ONS could possibly be forgivable, but I remember Sarah being absolutely vehement that no form of infidelity was ever in any way forgivable. You leave. It stuck in my mind so clearly. I realised I didn’t necessarily agree with either side of that argument. There were nuances.

When Roger’s affair with Leanne was being touted around town, on a pole, for all and sundry to poke and have an opinion about (generally, the opinion seemed to be he was such a nice guy, I must be an absolute bitch behind closed doors for that lovely Roger to cheat) for some reason, he confided in Kenny.

Now, to draw a picture. Small town, Kenny was a quietly spoken, good looking, intelligent sportsman.

Who had slept with Leanne back in the day, too. I mean, who hadn’t?

Kenny was pretty surprised, and disappointed in Rog. But he listened. Gave him the benefit of the doubt. He came to me and softly told me he thought we were a very special couple, and knowing what Roger did, that I was a very special woman, and he was so very lucky to still have me. I must be very much in love, to forgive him for his stupid choices. He told me if he ever did it again, not to hesitate to leave him. But he was sure he wouldn’t do it again.

Rog had told Kenny I was the love of his life, that he was gutted at what he had done, that I never deserved it.


Anyway, these people have been the kindest. I’m so sad they have separated. I haven’t really seen them much since our separation. I felt they were kinda Roger’s friends.

Apparently both are very, very sad. I have been invited by a friend for a nice dinner party with him when our lockdown lifts enough for small gatherings. I’d love to catch up with this gentle man.

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