Tearing at the Fabric

Of the space-time continuum

My first baby


My first baby, was Roger’s nephew, N.

I was never particularly maternal. But I loved him and his little sister so, so much. I looked after them often, from birth.

He was a real character. Still is. Was his 32nd birthday yesterday, and I always check in with them.

He has never called me Aunty before. I was always Paula. I am also just Paula to my own nieces and nephew, too.

But I just loved this. Made my day.

BG and I visited him last August in Queensland. He was playing some pre-season polo after recovering from a smashed arm. First game back. Roger’s cousin and his wife (a couple I absolutely adore!) took us out to the polo. I hadn’t disclosed BG to anyone, and I was worried it might be a bit awkward.

BG took this pic of us…

It wasn’t weird. They were divine.

Love this ‘kid.’

4 thoughts on “My first baby

  1. Beautiful photo of you πŸ’•

  2. How lovely! For a minute there, I thought the tall handsome man was BG himself! Looking fab as always, Paula. SWxo

    • Hahaha! BG was behind the camera here, SW. We were still very much undercover at this stage! We felt a bit nervous about meeting anyone, let alone that these darlings are actually Roger’s family! Technically. But of course they are mine, too.

      No one knew about us. I hadn’t even told my kids, I don’t think.

      I sneaked off to Brizzie to meet him after he’d been at a conference in Sydney.

      He is only 5’11” – Roger’s family are tall. I can still remember BG asking me just weeks into us being a thing, how tall my ex was. When I said about 6’3″ he said, oh, shit, a tall bastard, ok. I had no idea there was this male thing about height!

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