Tearing at the Fabric

Of the space-time continuum



It blew a gale last night.

I was going to come home, but stayed. The weather got worse. Rain drove in under the seal on BG’s bathroom door.

I didn’t sleep past 2am. He slept soundly.

At 4, I decided I would get up, shower, and drive home through the storm. There might be road closures, and I had to shift stock and get to work. Arrived home really early, in the dark, so climbed into my bed, and napped for half an hour, before heading out to shift my heifers, and feed them hay, in the rain.

It wasn’t so bad over here.

But I’m feeling really blue. Weird. I haven’t had the Monday blues for a while.

I think I was so spoiled, so loved this weekend, I miss him already, and wonder how we are going to make this work.

I am still independently working on my future. And it’s a bit frustrating. Scary, too, as the banks are getting very nervous.

Tired. I’m unfit, and feel really crappy. I need to take myself off to bed, so I can get up an exercise in the morning. I haven’t been looking after this body properly.

Keep going. Just keep going, Paula.

2 thoughts on “Mondayitis

  1. I hate those days when feel so blah and it’s an effort to just keep on putting one step in front of the other.

    • Yes, DLH. But the important thing is to keep going! Allow rest, but don’t stay there.

      So hard.

      I think I just crashed after being so spoiled. I’ll be okay. Weekend love is all good, but weekday real life is a grind, right now! 😜

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