Tearing at the Fabric

Of the space-time continuum


Back home. Rebubbling

Sorry guys, bit quiet here. A lot going on.

Will post when I get a minute, but my daughter is back, my little dog is back, I have so much work on, and a lot of familial crap going on. Thankful for my little snuggler, on my damn pillow last night, lol.

The damage done by Roger’s cheating and abandonment of me and to a certain extent, the kids, keeps reverberating. My youngest mentioned he has his real kids now to buy shit for to impress. Such a nice guy, right, obviously talking to Trinket’s daughter about how wonderful he is, how they love him because he’s so good to their mother, has hurt her really deeply. Although she says she thinks he’s a POS, she obviously hurts that he prefers them. Can’t change what he’s done, can only be there for her, and support her.

I’ve been talking to my mate today, whose husband buggered off to Schmoopie a few days ago. She’s in that awful space, where finances are still joined (I had that for months and months) and she can see what he is spending on Charlotte the Harlot. That just about kills you.

Anyway, I’m up and at ’em. Firewood splitting has occurred, I have lots more to do, and I’m stacking now. Just off to feed my horse, and get my sheep in for the shearer.

I am in anxiety mode, but counting my blessings.