Tearing at the Fabric

Of the space-time continuum

Making amends


BG has been on the back foot all week.

Messaging, worried he’s messed up.

I admit, I’ve been a bit quiet. Processing.

He rang late tonight. Checking in on me. He seems to be genuine.

I have believed that before.

With another man.

A man whose children I bore.

A man whom I dedicated my life to.

I man I (thought I) knew a whole lot better than BG.

So, yeah. I am cynical.

I get sucked in. I know this now. By these lovely words. These supposedly genuine men.

And what if he really is genuine. And I’m judging him by Roger’s standards???

He rang.

To chat. To ask what he can do for me. Not directly about our tough week. But letting me know he admits he didn’t do what he should have. And volunteered to sober drive me tomorrow when I catch up with friends.

That’s a lovely gesture.


2 thoughts on “Making amends

  1. It’s so hard to tell genuine from fake. Some people are experts at faking it … and that’s why trust is so hard.

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